Car Body Shop, Painting & Supplies in Fredericton
Car Body Shop, Painting & Supplies in Fredericton

At Northside, we understand it takes time, money and effort to paint a car. So why would you use inferior automotive paint and body shop supplies – or a store that didn’t know what they were doing?

We stock and sell both the latest paints and the reliable standards. We’ve got the big names like Sherwin and the unique paints you need to finish that custom job.

Best of all we’ve got the experience and know-how you can trust. If you need paint, you need Northside.

We also stock and sell tools and accessories for whatever you need.

You’ll love Northside’s convenient location, and you’ll be blown away by our staff. We like to call them the best team in Fredericton. We think you’ll agree. They’re honest as well as hard-working, and it shows. Give us a try, and experience the Northside difference.

Tips for Choosing a Paint Color for Your Car or Truck?

First, buckle in. Obviously, you can’t just ask for “blue” – you can now choose from dozens of available auto paint shades in every colour you could imagine. If you’re in a rush to get your car or truck painted, make sure you allow enough time to go through the colour selection process.

Think about what you want the colour to do – for example, hide imperfections or draw attention to a particular feature. And consider unintended effects. Black makes a vehicle look smaller; white makes it look bigger.

Once you’ve chosen your colour – or worked with Northside to pick the perfect one – test your colour in different lighting conditions, both inside and outside. It’s going to look different in your garage than it does in our driveway.

Finally, explore all of the costs. Think about whether you might need clear coats, hardeners, reducers and sealers. (And yes, some car and truck paint colours are more expensive than others.)

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