Auto parts stores & services
Auto parts stores & services in Fredericton NB

N orthside auto parts stores offer thousands of new and aftermarket auto parts for almost every kind of car or truck. And when we say thousands, we mean it. If we don’t have it, chances are we can get it.

We also stock and sell tools and accessories for whatever you need.

You’ll love Northside’s convenient location, and you’ll be blown away by our staff. We like to call them the best auto parts services team in Fredericton. We think you’ll agree. They’re honest as well as hard-working, and it shows. Give us a try, and experience the Northside difference.

Tips for Buying Auto Parts

Do your research – or leave it to us. Whether you’re more comfortable finding out exactly what you need before you call us, or asking our team of experts to do the work instead, we can help.

Go ahead and verify that the auto parts you’re going to buy are actually what you need. We want you to be sure your needs will be met.

If you’ve got the time, come on down to our store before you buy. We love to meet our customers. And trust us – we’re not like those some of those other parts stores.

Sure, you can try bargaining if you want, but you should know this upfront – there’s a reason Northside auto parts stores doesn’t offer the cheapest auto parts in town. We sell quality parts, and we do it with service levels we just couldn’t provide if we undercut everybody else.

Always remember – you get what you pay for. Especially when you’re buying parts. You might find it for cheap on eBay or Craigslist, but can you really trust that it’s going to work?

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